My Philosophy

One important reason why people fail to reach their full potential is often connected to the fact that they only focus on improving one specific aspect in their circle. To be balanced and achieve a healthier, happier and stronger body one must create an equilibrium between three pillars.

1. Physical training

The key here is to progressively increase the degree of stress and ensure the body is always able to adapt to it eventually.
In physical training we refer to the word stress as a certain training parameter such as load, training volume or rest periods.

By manipulating each of these parameters we can then in- or decrease the amount of stress placed up on the body.

As a client you shouldn’t be worried about any of this since I as a trainer, will ensure you’re always on the right training program based on your current fitness level.

2. Nutrition

Is the second pillar and is probably the most overlooked one. Lots of people think that by just working out they are able to get the body of their dreams. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Although as mentioned above, physical training is necessary to create an adaptation response from the body, without proper nutrition the body will not be able to adapt to the imposed demands.

Look at it this way, if you fuel a Ferrari with diesel, how far do you think it will go? Nutrition is not only fuel for the body but it also fuels our brain, which brings us to the last pillar.

3. Lifestyle

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. Mindset is what connects physical training and nutrition. Making sure a client has his eyes on the price is part of the 360° coaching program. Small daily adaptations are going to help you to get the most out of your training and nutrition plan. Also developing a strong and positive mindset is crucial to stay on track when things don’t go your way. Part of lifestyle coaching are things such as meditation & mindfulness, improving energy & sleep, reducing unwanted stress and getting better in time management.

Working with people made me understand that most clients are impatient and want instant results. Although getting results fast is not always a bad thing, in most cases it takes time to develop good and sustainable routines that will ensure long term progress. This is why I think every good trainer should approach clients from a 360° overview and assess them on different levels, getting a better understanding on what the client needs most, in that specific moment, for his specific goal.

There are no quick fix methods that work for everyone. Customizing the program to fit the client and his specific goal is the most important aspect of personal coaching.