What can you expect?

Expect to get a full assessment which will look into your level of physical activity, current nutrition status and the daily roadblocks that hold you back from achieving your full potential.

Based on these assessments and your specific goal, I will provide you with the best possible solution to get started and evolve into a healthier, happier and stronger you! The key will be to make sustainable changes over time, ensure quality follow up, provide you with guidance and direction to stay on track.

As a coach I will be your number one base of support, will provide you with customized training, nutrition programs and coach you towards a more holistic lifestyle that suits your needs.

What do I expect?

Every client is unique and there is no such thing as a stereotype client. Unlike many online trainers I don’t use a quantitative approach and all programs are tailor made to suit each client’s individual needs.

With the 360° coaching quality always comes first, I only work with a limited number of clients to ensure proper follow up and customized services. In order to provide you with an optimal coaching experience, I created a questionnaire to assess whether you would be a suitable client.

Please note that depending on your time schedule, level of motivation, goals and many other variables we may not be a suitable match at this given moment. To find out if we are a match, fill out the form.

The 360° Coaching Features

Lifestyle Coaching*

Based on specific questionnaires you will receive tasks and recommendations to optimize your full potential. Read More

Custom Nutrition Plan*

The nutrition plan is customized to ensure proper progress and body adaptations. Read More

Custom Training Plan*

Each client will receive a detailed training plan customized to their needs and specific goals. Read More

Exercise Video Library*

The mobile app comes with my personal exercise video library where you can review specific exercise execution to understand proper technique during training. Read More

Hormonal Profile

In-Person 13 point caliper measurement to determine body fat, lean muscle mass and analyze body fat distribution. Read More


In person trainers often have too many clients and lack the time to focus on them once the training session is over. Read More

In-Person Coaching

The name says it all. With in-person coaching you will train with me on your side to assist you in improving training quality and drive. Read More

Membership Zone

Membership access coming soon. Read More

Skype Call*

In order to keep communication streamlined, each client will get two skype consultations of 20min each month. Read More

Trainerize Mobile App Access*

The 360° Program works through an easy to use mobile app where all documents and training plans can be tracked by the client and coach in order to ensure proper follow up. Read More

Training Holiday

Looking to escape from the daily routine, need a break or just want to recharge your batteries? Read More

Skype Coaching

Exclusive for clients that own a home gym facility that meets the requirements. You will get a full hour of personal training through webcam. Fast, time efficient and ideal for people with a very busy lifestyle. Read More

* Incl. In The 360° Online Coaching Program

Pricing 360° Online Coaching


Your Plan



1 Month

online personal training 

START UP fee of € 59 (one-time-only) 

€ 199.00


3 months


START UP FEE OF € 59 (one-time-only)

€ 549.00


6 months


start up FEE OF € 59 (one-time-only) 

€ 999.00

bi annually


Note: All prices include VAT

Start Up Fee (One-Time-Only):
Each client will receive intake forms and will have a client profile created for them. Based on each client’s specific profile and needs, I will then create all customized content. In order to analyze the client’s data and set up a client’s profile there will be a one-time only start-up fee.

Personalize Your Coaching

*Specific requirements needed